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Creating a 3D visual and walk through of your kitchen is a really great way to get a sense of what the finished product will look like. We provide the design service Free of charge. During Normal times we call to your home to do measurements and design but during COVID we can do this online. You will need to take measurements! 

Step 1: Call or book appointment online.

Step 2: Measure the location of doors, windows and any obstacles such as pillars or if you have Boilers etc.

Step 3: Choose some door styles and colours so we can create a draft layout that suits you.

Step 4: Review the initial design and update as required. We can order sample pack of chosen Doors and Materials.

Step 5: We can provide a detailed quotation

Step 6: We will schedule a date to install your new kitchen.

Below is a sample of the 3d file that we will create for you

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